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I was doing some thinking today. But I didn't enjoy it very much, so I decided to write this introduction instead. It seems as though every time I turn, well, I get dizzy. So I stopped doing that. Now I only walk straight forward and backward and it has made my life much simpler and my annoying neighbors are starting to whine about the holes in their houses. But when it starts to get me down I remember the story about the tortoise and his hair. If I recall, the tortoise had hair that grew very quickly. For some reason this was a problem. The tortoise eventually triumphed by beating his hair with his flipper. Now you might say that tortoises (torti to be proper) do not have flippers. But if that's true, how could they fly? Or you might say that torti do indeed have flippers-I'm not really doing a lot of research for this part-in which case, shut up. And this brings me to my main point: I've been speanding far too much time alone in my house since I became a writer. My friends told me that the insolation, combinded with my newfound prosperity, would have a negative impact on my mental state. So I paid a guy to kill them. I'm kidding...I don't have friends. At least not good ones. But if you'd like to be my friend-and Lord knows thats a hot ticket-you can do that by joining megaera's new ruling class. As you might already know, when Megaera conquers the planet and becomes supreme ruler, everyone who subscribes to the free Megaera newsletter will form the new ruling class and have complete dominion over everyone else. The others (we call them induhviduals) will be our domestic servants. Don't let that happen to you. The Megaera newsletter is free and its published approximately "whenever I feel like it"
As I approach the supermarket
The glass doors slide open
I walk through,my long black cape flowing behind me
I am now in public
The realm of slobs
They stare at me
Whispering comments to eachother
I glide down the aisle
Hearing them talk amongst themselves
About mindless trivial nonsense
Loudly in public, they speak of things in the utmost vulgarity
After all, it is public...
The realm of slobs
I feel contempt towards these minions of mediocrity
But I laugh.
It amuses me
The ignorance,unintelligence, and unsanitary nature
Of the common person
I purchase my groceries, and leave the store
The hot sun beams down on me
So I pull my hood over my head
As I walk to the car, I say to myself,
"I wish the rest of society could rise to my level."-Not by me
Hello me... Meet the real me
And my misfits way of life
A dark black past is my
Most valued possession
Hindsight is always 20-20,
But looking back it's still a bit fuzzy
Speak of mutually assured destruction?
Nice story... Tell it to Reader's Digest
Hello me... It's me again
You can subdue, but never tame me
It gives me a migraine headache
Thinking down to your level
Yea, just keep on thinking it's my fault
And stay an inch or two outta kicking distance
Mankind has got to know
His limitations
Well, me... it's nice talking to myself
A credit to dementia
Some day you too will know my pain
And smile its blacktooth grin
If the war inside my head
Won't take a day off I'll be dead
My icy fingers claw your back
Here I come again


Yup, that's me. ^_^ I lo0ve JTHM!

I bet you've already stopped reading this....