Her Name Was Desire


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Below is my fatal attempt at a story. It's very short and doesn't go into much detail. Personally I've never been good with stories but anyway here it is.

I used to be able to dine on trash, food fallen onto dirty asphalt and pretend that it was fancy delinquency.
I used to be able to touch the sex of a man, and feel like a virgin princess full of innocence instead of a penny whore.
I used to fantasize about love, meeting the man of my dreams under the neon street lamps fading away while I slept soundly in the brittle cold of New York.
I used to think I wanted to know about love...now I wonder why.
It was nighttime, the wind was worse then ever.  Desire's cheeks burned red and tears came to my faded green eyes as I pulled my tattered rotting coat tighter around my dress that had faint remains of dried blood around the thighs. My long red hair was matted and dirty from ages of not washing it. I saw him before he saw me. As he approached, head bent to ward off the harsh wind, I casually let my gaze fall upon him. He wore a worn out black trench coat, along with a top hat that covered some of his long raven black hair. His skin was pale neglecting the cold.
When he glanced up and looked toward me, I gasped softly at the piercing ice blue eyes, protected by thin wired glasses that sat upon the bridge of his nose, his sunken in cheeks made me think of a stray cat I once found in the ally, starved to death.
He changed his direction and sauntered over to me, tipping the brim of his hat in a vague greeting. When he spoke, it was a deep soothing tone that spread over my cold body warming it.
"Charming weather we're having, is it not?" A hint of laughter and mockery mixed together with a tight smile.
"Aye, that it is." I replied, my teeth chattering slightly.
"And what is a young lady dressed in mere rags, doing on the streets on such a night?" His question startled me and I hesitated before I replied.
"I have no shelter in such weather, I live on the streets and earn my money the best I can."
His eyebrows rose in a knowing look as his gaze traveled my curled up body. "Well, my name is Gabriel. Now then, would you like to stay the night at my place? I assure you it is warm, there is food to be eaten and a bed for you to lay." His offer was kind and generous as was the smile on his face. I looked deep into the ice pools of his eyes and felt a sense of vertigo. Accepting his offer, I stood, with the help of his outreached hand. My legs were numb from cold or time, and my knees stung when I bent them. He linked his arm through mine and we started off down the street. He didn't speak at all on the way there, although before leaving I muttered my name quietly, not even sure he'd heard, and so my mind wandered. What would he want in return for his kindness? What did it matter? I'd done everything before, for mere change to buy myself some cheese and bread and some water that had not come from a filthy mud puddle after a nights rain. Whatever this man wanted in return for the bed, food and shelter I was well willing to pay. We rounded the corner and came upon a little line of small houses, almost cottages. Smoke billowed from the chimneys and through various windows you could see families sitting down to eat. I wondered what time it was. Past the houses was yet a bigger one. It was a rock house and in front of it, was a gate. In which my companion opened and ushered me through. As we entered the house, I saw only one person, who might have been the owner, I thought at the time. He was dressed fancy like and upon seeing us, rushed over to greet us. "Hullo, Sir, and young lady." His accent was thick and hardly understandable. I watched as he took the mans top hat and coat and then looked toward me. I blushed slightly as I realized I must look horrible. He said nothing, but the Gabriel did. "Run her a bath, take her clothes, dispatch of them somewhere and get her a new set. Afterwards I hope the food is ready." His tone was curt and clipped and the man barely bowed before rushing off expecting me to follow. I had hard time doing so. He walked briskly and my eyes wanted to take in this magnificent house I'd stumbled into. My mind thought I was dreaming. He led me to a bedroom with pure white walls, and silver curtains hanging over a beautiful canopy bed, white bed sheets covered in white lace. In the bathroom it was all blue. The tiles of the bath tub were a aqua color and the bath towels were a dark midnight blue.
I stripped while (his servant?) the man ran a bath, after he left I slipped into the warm water feeling it rush over me, cleansing the dirt, making me pure. I stayed there until the water grew cold and my fingers shriveled like dried prunes. I got out and put on the dress that the servant had put out on the bed.  It was a simple pale blue dress, nothing fancy. Similar to my old one, God only knew where that was now.
While we ate I studied him. Underneath the trench coat he'd worn was layers of black and gray shirts, some long sleeved, others short. On his legs were tight black pants, studded with silver on the sides. If he owned the house, and was the slightest bit rich his appearance certainly didn't show it. He was mostly silent through out the meal except to ask of my age, my birth place and how I was feeling now.
He led her up a staircase, winding around and around making me slightly dizzy as I followed him. At the top of the stairs was a long hallway, at the end of the hallway a wooden door. Gabriel opened it and she followed him in, flinching when the door slammed shut behind her. The walls were black, black as polished coal except for crimson red streaks, made in long angry gashes. The bed stood in stood in the middle of the room, it was a small room with only one window at the front of the headboard. The wood of the bed was dark brown, probably and most likely stained that deep color. The bed sheets were black silk and the room itself seemed to hold an air of evil to it.  He took his time undressing.  I followed suit, having nothing else to do. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him. He slipped into bed and motioned for me. As I climbed in the bed the cool silk reminded me of the harsh wind blowing just outside. I wondered how cold it was out there, and how glad I was not to be in it. I felt Gabriel's hand slide over my stomach and felt his lips brush against mine. I was ready to pay for his kindness, it was well worth it, or so I thought. I allowed his lips to stray down to my breasts where they paused for a second, then continued moving down. I moaned quietly with pleasure as he began kissing my thighs, slowly approaching the cleft between my legs.  His hands reached my breasts just as his tongue touched my clit, then he returned to my lips and kissed me softly. Soon I felt him enter me and all too soon it was over again. Exhausted I nodded off into a peaceful sleep.
Awaking in a cold dampened street was not pleasant at all. She felt weak, attempting to stand she stumbled and fell to the ground again. Her vision was blurred and a sharp intent ringing noise sounded in her ears, dulling to a persistent hum. Every bone in her body ached and her head felt like she'd cracked it when falling down. She felt something jump upon her back and as her vision cleared she screamed at the sight of the big hairy body laying on top of hers, at the sharp pointed fangs and glowing yellow eyes. With her throat raw and feeling as though dried blood was caked there, she screamed as loud as she could as her eyes began adjusting to the dawns light and as she began noticing the rats piled around her. She struggled to stand but to no avail, falling helplessly back down she screamed again as the rats crowded around her biting, gnawing and drinking from her seeping blood. Somewhere down the ally, she heard Gabriel, the vampire, laughing.
I used to be able to dine on trash, food fallen onto dirty asphalt and pretend that it was fancy delinquency. Until I tasted the food and wine you served me.
I used to be able to touch the sex of a man, and feel like a virgin princess full of innocence instead of a penny whore. Until I touched you.
I used to fantasize about love, how I met the man of my dreams, on a cold windy night, how I fell in love under the neon street lamps fading. I used to think I wanted to know about love. That was until I met you.

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