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In Loving Memory

Here I hang your picture
Not to grieve
But to remember
These tears that I cry
Are no tears of pain
But promises
That we will meet again-By Megaera Wells

chomper and chigger

This is Chomper and Chigger. Chomper is the brown mutt. Chigger is the Black Lab. Chomper got hit by a logging truck. Chomper: Feb. 1st 1999-July 3rd 1999

For Kiya. We don't have any good pictures of her. She was a Black, white and brown mix. Part Lab/Pit and Boxer. She was a sweet dog. We gave her away to a good family with 2 little girls. Kiya in Lakota means "Close to my heart."


This is Chewie. Sept. 21st 1997-Oct. 24th 1998


This is Stella and Smokey. Stella is the Weimaraner and Smokey is the grey cat who's camera shy.
Stella: Spet. 28th 2000-March 6th 2001
Smokey ran away and never came back.


This is Pumkin. Pumkin: April 7th 1998-Dec. 5th 1998