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Here is more about me. I've included a survey I filled out and a few tests I've taken.

Full name: Megaera Maire Wells (it's really Merzlak but I go by my Mum's maiden name)


Nicknames: Gera, Aera, NutMeg, Missy and Medussa


Age: 14


Birthday: March 4th 1988


Location: Asheville (at least close by) North Carolina


Siblings: Younger broder, Willie (11), older broder, Joe (16)


Parents: Diane and Dan


Pets: Golden Retriever (mine)-Dixie Bell, Black Lap-Chigger, Mutt-Ziggy, Beagle-Itchy. Cats: Sammy, Crusher and Mewer. Reptiles that are Joe's.


Favorite color: Blue, silver, black, white


Future dreams: Going to London, coming back, building my mum a rock house on lots of land with a big kitchen, becoming a singer, getting married, adopting at least one Indian child and having another kid, traveling to cool places.....of course thats why they call them dreams.


What do you want to become when you grow up: Singer, photographer.


Friends: Dylan, Jesse, Daniel, Libby, Ashley, Kiki, Amanda, Ryan, Amber, Aron, Jessa and Crystal


Online friends: Hippie Shifter (I love you!)Isaac Narvaez, Michael Chavez, Izaak Mattar, Lazurus, Tim, Patrick and Tom.


Crush: Hmm....Daniel, Hippie Shifter, Ryan....


Hobbies: Collecting calenders, writing poetry and songs, roller blading, biking, wandering off into the woods and playing baseball with my broders.


Favorite movie: Edward Scissorhands, The Matrix and All the Star Wars movies


Favorite number: 3


Are you a virgin: Yesh.


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Borderline:Very High

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