Friendly Torment -By Megaera Wells (for anyone confused, I go by my mother's maiden name Wells instead of my last name Merzlak)

Here is just a sample of my poetry. You can see more by going to www.poetry.com and entering my name: Megaera Merzlak.


Hunker down and pretend that it's all just a bad dream
Inside my head the voices shout and proceed to scream
One stands out among them all, encouraging sweet voice
Soothing me with the knife, telling me I have a choice
If I tried to explain this to you, you might say I'm the drama queen
Wanting people's attention, why shouldn't I? I've never been seen
But that's not what I'm after, I want your comfort and your care
How can I make you understand my pain and my terrible fear?
Silent now, an echoing sound, deafing inside my ears
Drown in sorrow, drown in despair, drown in my own miserable tears
Gasp for breath, my heart beats uncontrollably, as I try to breathe
All the while seeing shadows, and trying so hard to keep listening
Look around, see you there, your wrists matching mine
Repeat to myself that you aren't real, a figment made up in my mind
Calm myself, catch my breath and close my eyes again
As my bones snap, I lower myself into this torment I call my friend


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